Steel Curtain Capital Group, LLC.

Specializing in Outreach Services for: HELOC Reset Notification, Borrower Incentive Programs, and Refinance Catalyst (HARP)

Steel Curtain Capital Group, LLC

Steel Curtain Capital Group, LLC is a privately-held, mortgage advisory and consumer marketing firm. SCCG specializes in helping to manage residential mortgage risk through the creation of innovative, private-label, marketing and outreach strategies that address the needs of our clients and their borrowers.

We work closely with your legal and compliance teams, combining years of risk management expertise with behavioral and marketing insight, to develop personalized outreach campaigns that result in contact and conversion rates that are substantially higher than the industry average.

Determining precisely how and when your consumer is contacted is arguably more critical than the message itself. Reach out too soon, and you may be ignored. Use the wrong introduction and your message may be overlooked. The use of bullets, bold type, italics, highlights, graphics and colors are less cosmetic enhancements than they are behavioral triggers. Timing and sequence of outreach; combined with the frequency and nature of contact are all critical components of a complex maze designed to reduce risk through simple borrower interaction.

Our clients include banks, mortgage servicers, lenders, funds, government entities and other financial institutions.

Tourmalet Advisors, L.P.

Tourmalet Advisors, a registered investment advisor based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Tourmalet Advisors has partnered with SCCG and serves in a strategic advisory role. They also provide assistance in program strategy, campaign implementation and management oversight of all outreach campaigns
Learn how SCCG in partnership with Tourmalet Advisors, works with lenders, banks and servicers to design and launch targeted, customized marketing campaigns and minimize borrower distress

Frank T. Pallotta

Frank T. Pallotta is the owner of New Jersey based Steel Curtain Capital Group LLC, a mortgage advisory firm specializing in managing residential mortgage risk through consumer marketing and outreach strategies.

Frank has spent more than 25 years in residential mortgage banking having worked for Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. He helped found two mortgage-related startups, and recently created a platform to launch Canada’s first non-agency, aggregation and securitization conduit. He continues to work closely with many of the largest financial institutions in the country, as well as Government Agencies and Trade Groups. His experience includes all aspects of origination, underwriting, servicing, loan aggregation, securitization and loss mitigation.

Erica C. Abendschoen

Erica C. Abendschoen is an Associate with Steel Curtain Capital Group LLC, a mortgage advisory firm specializing in managing residential mortgage risk through consumer marketing and outreach strategies. Erica has spent three years covering the residential mortgage industry, serving as an Associate for two specialty finance start-up companies that cater to the needs of financial institutions with exposure to residential mortgage risk in the US and Canada.

Erica earned her MBA from Monmouth University and is a former Division-1 athlete and Women’s Lacrosse team captain with back-to-back NCAA appearances.