• Steel Curtain Capital Group, LLC: The Intersection of Risk Management, Consumer Marketing and Borrower Behavior.

  • Quickly reach ‘at-risk’ borrowers with a multi-channel, targeted outreach strategy.

  • Industry-leading contact and conversion rates are easily attainable and replicable across all products and risk categories.

  • The proper design and creation of outreach methodologies and borrower communications drive noteworthy results.


Contact rates of up to 75% and conversion rates as high as 50%, ensure your message is delivered and your organizational goals are met.


Expertise in the creation, design and execution of consumer outreach and education campaigns.

Improve Payment Performance

Reduce risk and improve payment performance through the implementation of a fully integrated, private-label platform designed to drive consumers toward various risk-reduction alternatives or options.

High Contact & Conversion Rates

Contact rates of up to 75% and conversion rates as high as 50%; demonstrate the importance of detailed loan segmentation and campaign design, throughout consumer outreach.

Timing, sequencing and frequency of outreach

Timing, sequencing and frequency of outreach, are important parts of a complex maze designed to reduce risk by creating a dynamic, two-way relationship with consumers.