SCCG will design and create bespoke marketing campaigns on behalf of risk owners, lender and servicers with the goal of driving consumers toward a specific call to action.

Scope of Services


Assess client’s current outreach capabilities and recommend areas of optimization, development or enhancement to maximize efficiency and efficacy

Risk Categorization

Work with clients to build borrower profiles and risk categories consistent with current economic conditions and organizational goals

Design Materials

Design program materials, a full execution strategy and all associated deliverables


Provide on-going oversight, steering and advisory support throughout the execution phase for continuous program development


Stand ready to provide on-demand services, advice and capacity to support additional consumer remediation alternatives

HELOC Reset Notification

HELOCs originated between 2003-2007 are now reaching their end of draw periods where loans will reset, recast or otherwise adjust over the next several years. More than 3 million HELOCs representing nearly $160 billion are due to reset over the next 4 years resulting in a significant payment shock for many consumers and exposing the industry to billions of dollars of additional risk as defaulted HELOCS typically result in a full write-down and a total loss for the risk owner.

Borrowers will always do that which is in their best interest. Show them your interests are aligned.


SCCG has designed a targeted, proactive, outreach campaign in an effort to alert consumers as to the changing terms of their line and to selectively notify, modify, refinance or direct consumer and to minimize borrower distress.

Simply sending a message or informing your consumer of an event or opportunity means little – if anything – unless your borrower fully understands the communication and acts in accordance with that message. The optimal risk-reduction initiative for any organization is ultimately realized when both the borrower and the institution recognize the benefits of that initiative. SCCG endeavors to design a campaign to achieve those goals.</p?

Refinance (HARP, FHA) Catalyst

Primary objectives for this campaign:

Identify homeowners with a high-likelihood of qualifying for, and completing a (HARP) refinance

Segment candidates based on multiple risk factors, geographic region, competitive backdrop and economic environment



Act as a facilitator to encourage and reassure homeowners to work with their lenders to complete a refinance (HARP) application

Maximize number of completed applications and executions while maintaining salience and high levels of consumer satisfaction

Control Costs, Revenue Growth, Margins and Risk

Leverage our experience and marketing knowledge gathered from years of observing borrower behavior, executing outreach campaigns and designing incentive programs; to create private-label, consumer outreach and education campaign, with corresponding marketing materials and messages designed to create awareness around a benefit or incentive, intended to engage your borrower with a specific “call to action”.

    Consistently High Rates

  • Consistently achieve 75% consumer contact rates, and up to 50% conversion rates
  • Infrastructure for Future Outreach

  • Achieve desired organizational goals and prepare borrowers for all future outreach
  • Forge a Two-Way Portal

  • Create an inexpensive, 24/7, two-way portal for consumer and lender/servicer
  • Bespoke, Tiered Campaigns

  • All marketing materials (flyers, direct mailers, call scripts, talking points, FAQs and packaging) are designed to be educational in nature and instructive throughout the campaign


Steel Curtain Capital Group will create a private-label incentives and loyalty program for your consumers designed to drive desired payment performance, brand allegiance and drive borrowers toward specified long or short term goals (cross sell, short sale, pay down, refinance, “perfect-pay”, modification, etc.)

    Borrower Channel Formed

  • Borrowers are contacted and offered benefits or “incentives” on a private-label basis
  • Incentive Campaigns

  • Cash and non-cash incentives are provided by the risk holders (i.e. Bank, Servicer, Fund, Investor, etc.)
  • Action Encouraged

  • Incentives are behaviorally designed and offered to consumers in exchange for specific actions
  • Incentivize Payment Performance

  • Incentives are designed to promote consistent desired payment performance


Scope of Services: Goal Analysis Diagram

SCCG Goal Analysis